Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start working with Intelligent Invest SA at my current bank ?

Yes, Intelligent Invest SA can manage your account if it is held at one of the Swiss banks with whom we have agreements. We can also help you choose the best bank with which to open an account.

Can I start working with Intelligent Invest SA with an existing portfolio ?

Yes, we can take over your current holdings and start managing your portfolio.

What are the advantages in keeping a bank account in Switzerland ?

The Swiss banking system now only works with declared (tax compliant) money. Switzerland is on the so called ‘white list’ and the automatic exchange of information between countries make the keeping of monies in Switzerland perfectly transparent. Amongst the various advantages of holding an account in Switzerland we highlight:

  • Stability of the banking system and of the country of Switzerland.
  • Long tradition and know-how in the private banking segment.
  • Solid and well capitalized banks.
  • Vast choice of investment tools.
  • Independence in the investment product selection.
  • Confidentiality of the relationship.
  • Switzerland is not member of the EU and has its own currency, the Swiss Franc.
Where are clients’ assets deposited ?

The assets are deposited under the name of the client, in a segregated account, in one of the first-class Swiss banks we work with.

What kind of power does Intelligent Invest SA hold on the account ?

Intelligent Invest SA has a limited power of attorney on the account, i.e. we can manage the assets but cannot wire money or securities out of the account.

Can I close my account and/or revoke the limited power of attorney to Intelligent Invest SA ?

Yes, you can do both at any time and at no cost.

How do I get information on my account ?

The clients benefit from all the services provided by the custodian bank, i.e. internet access, monthly statement and tax reporting among others.

Will I pay more by having a custodian bank and an independent asset management firm like Intelligent Invest SA ?

No, in fact you should pay less, as we have been able to negotiate competitive pricing with the banks. We also manage our clients’ assets in their best interests; we invest only in the best products available in the market and don’t trade to generate commissions.

How confidential will my account be ?

Intelligent Invest SA, as well as all the Swiss banks we are working with, is subject to the Swiss banking secrecy laws. Giving account information is considered a criminal offence.

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