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About us

We are a Swiss based, independent financial advisory firm, providing wealth management and advisory as well as multi-family office services.

We are independent from banks and agents and we work with a network of highly qualified global specialists to provide our clients with a tailor-made service.

Our business model is oriented towards maximum efficiency in terms of costs/benefits/commission systems/objectives and performance.

Our services

Our clients are wealthy individuals, family offices and private foundations. We share with them the same objective of wealth creation and preservation.

  • Wealth Management / Managed Accounts / Advisory Accounts

  • Portfolio analysis / Monitoring / Risk Management

  • Family offices services drawing on a network of trusted experts

  • Advice on time sensitive financial matters

  • Financing of real estate in Switzerland through our bank partners

Investments strategy

Our objective is to provide our clients with a solution that is aligned with their specific needs in terms of expected returns, risk tolerance, future liquidity requirements and potential tax and legal restrictions.

We select a risk profile that best suits our clients’ specific objectives.

Through a rigorous investment process, we decide on an asset allocation that takes into account various variables like the liquidity of the investment vehicles and the diversification in terms of regions, sectors and currencies.

Managed or advisory accounts

The assets will be managed either with a discretionary mandate (managed account) or with an advisory mandate (advisory account). Managed accounts are accounts on which Intelligent Invest SA has full discretion to manage the assets according to a pre-agreed risk profile.

Advisory accounts are accounts in which clients will make the final investment decisions themselves. Intelligent Invest SA has no power of attorney on the account.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start working with Intelligent Invest SA at my current bank ?

Yes, Intelligent Invest SA can manage your account if it is held at one of the Swiss banks with whom we have a partnership agreement. We can also help you choose the best bank at which to open an account.

Where are clients’ assets deposited ?

The assets are deposited under the name of the client, in a segregated account, in one of the first-class Swiss banks we work with.

What are the advantages in keeping a bank account in Switzerland ?

The Swiss banking system now only works with declared (tax compliant) money. Switzerland is on the so called ‘white list’ and the automatic exchange of information between countries make the keeping of monies in Switzerland perfectly transparent. Amongst the various advantages of holding an account in Switzerland we highlight:

  • Stability of the banking system and of the country of Switzerland.
  • Long tradition and know-how in the private banking segment.
  • Solid and well capitalized banks.
  • Vast choice of investment tools.
  • Independence in the investment product selection.
  • Confidentiality of the relationship.
  • Switzerland is not member of the EU and has its own currency, the Swiss Franc.


Intelligent Invest SA is authorized and regulated at Swiss level by the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).

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Our independent research allows us to select the most promising investments for your portfolio as well as finding the best products.

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